There is one fact:
We always live now.
Not in the past.
And not in the future.

Change of perspective:

But didn’t I live yesterday too?
And the day before?
And will I not live tomorrow with high probability?
Of course.
But keep in mind:
The words “yesterday” and “tommorow”
and likewise “past” and “future”
have been introduced to organize our living together
with other humans.


There is “present” between past and future.
What’s the duration of the “present”?
What’s the duration of “Now”?
Is it a moment?
Is it a second?
Is it at least as long as Planck-time?
And what about the arrow of time?


Sensation of time and time perspectives.
If you have to wait in a queue, five minutes may be very long.
If you are together with your darling, five minutes are always too short.

In “The new psychology of time” Zimbardo and Boyd have written about
different perspectives of time, roughly:
You might live past-, present- or future-oriented.


Concious cognition of others and the fact, that we have to live together with others, lets us learn to make appointments. Quite naturally we do this in time by using clocks and calendars. This is all done by means of thinking.

Babies do not know time.
They are 100% focused on what they are doing, fully concentrated and forget everything around.

This may happen to us grown-ups too:
You might have heard of people climbing, Doctors operating, Artists working for 3 days on their Artwork without eating and sleeping, or programmers or even people at their daily work:
They experience the same moments of being 100% focused.
In Psychology this state is called “Flow”-state.

“Full brainless awareness” might be an alternative denotation:
Fully concentrated, fully concious, pure conciousness, without any mental distraction. Being. Self. Now.

Mandate of evolution:

This mandate is now:  to create at each time “full brainless awareness”, to always live – fully concious –  “now”, to focus on the evolution of conciousness and to find back our Selfs.


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